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Database Sample

  Sponsor(s) Product Type of product Mode of action Viral family Virus Status-1 Order Status-2
Sanofi (Sanofi Pasteur / Sanofi Aventis / Sanofi Genzyme) (global presence)  Dengvaxia
Dengvaxia®; ChimeriVax-Dengue; ChimeriVax Dengue; CYD Dengue; CYD-TDV; CYD TDV
Vaccine  Vaccine based on Recombinant, viral expression vector  Flaviviridae  Dengue virus (DENV)  Market / Licensed for use  Approved for market in Mexico (Dec. 2015), Philippines (Dec. 2015), Brazil (Dec. 2015), Salvador (Jan. 2016), EU (Dec. 19, 2018), USA (May 2019); Filings for marketing authorization completed in several countries endemic for Dengue Fever virus; See Rema 
Argos Therapeutics (formerly Merix Bioscience; USA)  AGS-004
AGS004; AGS 004; Arcelis
Vaccine  Other  Retroviridae  HIV-1 (Human Immunodeficiency virus)  Phase II  2 Phase II trials completed (2011 and 2015) 
GSK (GlaxoSmithKline; Glaxo Wellcome) (global presence)  Retrovir®
Zidovudine; Azidothymidine; AZT; BW A509U; Zydowin
Inhibitor  Nucleoside/Nucleotide RT Inhibitor (including NRTI, NRTTI and NcRTI Inhibitors)  Retroviridae  HIV-1 (Human Immunodeficiency virus)  Market / Licensed for use  Approved for market in US (Mar. 19, 1987) and other markets 
Pharmacor (acquired by Procyon/Ambrilia Biopharma; Canada) (no longer in operation)  P-1946
P1946; P 1946
Inhibitor  Protease Inhibitor (PI)  Retroviridae  HIV-1 (Human Immunodeficiency virus)  Preclinical  Lead compound 
TaiMed Biologics (Taiwan, USA)  Trogarzo™
Ibalizumab; Ibalizumab-uiyk; TNX-355; TNX355; TNX 355; Hu5A8; TMB-355; TMB355; TMB 355
Antibodies  Entry and/or Fusion inhibitor (single agent)  Retroviridae  HIV-1 (Human Immunodeficiency virus)  Market / Licensed for use  Orphan Drug status; Fast track status; Breakthrough Therapy Designation (Feb. 2015); Priority Review status granted by FDA (Jun. 2017), and FDA approval for US market granted on Mar. 06, 2018; Approved for EU market (Sep. 26, 2019); See Remarks 
Novartis (global) / Novartis Institutes for BioMedical Research (NIBR) / Novartis Institute for Tropical Diseases (NITD)  Focetria®
Focetria® A(H1N1); Focetria A(H1N1); Focetria A/H1N1; Influenza A (H1N1) 2009 Monovalent Vaccine
Vaccine  Non-recombinant protein (subunit) vaccine  Orthomyxoviridae  Swine Influenza virus  Market / Licensed for use  Approved by EMEA for distribution in EU (Sept. 29, 2009) under control of health authorities and governments; WHO-Prequalification status; No longer available (2015); See Remarks 
Abbott / AbbVie (global presence)  A-837093
A-837,093; A837093; A 837093
Inhibitor  RNA Polymerase Inhibitor  Flaviviridae  HCV (Hepatitis C virus)  Preclinical  No further development 
Abbott / AbbVie (global presence)  Paritaprevir
Veruprevir; ABT-450; ABT450; ABT 450
Inhibitor  Protease Inhibitor (PI)  Flaviviridae  HCV (Hepatitis C virus)  Market / Licensed for use  Approved for market in US (Dec. 2014)and other markets as part of combination therapy called Viekira Pak; See Remarks 
Novavax (USA) (formerly DynCorp)  ResVax™
RSV-F VLP vaccine; RSV vaccine; RSV F-VLP vaccine; RSV F VLP vaccine; RSV F vaccine
Vaccine  Recombinant protein (subunit) or nanoparticle/VLP vaccine  Pneumoviridae  RSV (Respiratory Syncytial virus)  Phase III  New Phase III initiated after failure of a first Phase III trial, Jan. 2017; Fast track designation granted by FDA (2016); See Remarks 
Johnson & Johnson Innovative Medicine / J&J Innovative Medicine (formerly Janssen Therapeutics) (global presence)  TMC353121
TMC-353121; TMC 353121
Inhibitor  Entry and/or Fusion inhibitor (single agent)  Pneumoviridae  RSV (Respiratory Syncytial virus)  Preclinical  No further development of the RSV program (Mar. 2023); See Remarks 
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