Refund Policy

If you are not satisfied with Antiviral InteliStrat Database, you can contact us at for a REFUND.


The following conditions apply:
  • the request for a refund must be received by Antiviral InteliStrat within 2 days following activation of your account and mention the reason for the refund
  • refunds will be issued only to Full Access and Viral Family Access subscribers
  • no refund will be issued for individual Product Files bought through Custom Access subscription
  • 10% of the subscription fees will be retained by Antiviral InteliStrat to cover administration costs
Antiviral InteliStrat reserves the right not to process requests that do not comply with these conditions, and to modify the terms of its Refund Policy without prior notice.

Before subscribing, you are urged to check the Database SAMPLE shown in the Database section of the website to have a global view of the database content and structure.