Antiviral Database (VIROPENDIUM)

Antiviral InteliStrat has assembled the most complete and detailed Database currently available on antiviral drugs and vaccines. This Database, called VIROPENDIUM, is accessible by subscribing through one of the following options: Custom Access, Full Access and Viral Family Access.


Note that Full Access and Viral Family Access subscription types are done on a one-year basis and that all indicated amounts are in US $ (price includes applicable taxes).

SEE BELOW for Database subscription rates and fees. Prices subject to changes without prior noticeREFUND POLICY

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Custom Access
For users who want to search the Database for information on a specific product, without subscribing to the whole Database. This is a "pay-per-search" option, allowing users to pay only for the Product file(s) they decide to buy.
The subscription per se is FREE and allows you to see ALL the products names in the Database along with the viral family for which they have been or are being developed (or marketed). All other information remains hidden unless you decide to buy the corresponding Product file.

After clicking on a product’s name, you see the cost of the corresponding Product file and decide to buy it or not. To buy the Product file, simply click as indicated. You will be directed to the payment site (credit card payment only).

Subscribers are allowed to conduct certain limited searches in the Database.

  DATABASE SEARCH OPTIONS : Search the Database using as research criteria a product's name or a viral family name

  FEE ($US) : Subscription is free. Cost of $50 per Product file  (credit cards only)


Full Access

For users who want to secure UNLIMITED ACCESS to all Product files available in the Database, including all viral families and products. This option offers total access to all products and information files, and allows Database searches using several research criteria.


Credit card payments (PayPal system) accepted.

This represents the best option for users who want complete coverage of antiviral drugs and vaccine development.

  DATABASE SEARCH OPTIONS : Search entire Database using multiple (up to 6) research criteria

  12-month subscription rate, corporate (US $) : $125 / Academic rate* : $49  NEW REDUCED RATES !!!


* You must complete and send the Academic Pricing Application Form with your payment to be eligible to the academic subscription rate. Only students of a college, university or affiliated research institution (non-profit) can apply for this subscription rate. Contact us for further details.


Viral Family Access

For users who are interested by only ONE or a FEW FAMILIES OF VIRUSES and want to have access to information regarding these viral families and the related products exclusively, without subscribing to the whole Database.

They can subscribe to a limited section of the Database based on the viral family they select and get access to all Product files in this particular section. This type of subscription also allows one to see all the other products names in the Database along with the viral family to which they belong, but additional information remains hidden unless subscribers decide to buy the corresponding Product files. Subscribers have the possibility to conduct certain searches in the Database as well (see below).

Credit card (PayPal system) payments accepted.

Note that Full Access subscription can represent an attractive option for users who want to cover more than 2 viral families.

  DATABASE SEARCH OPTIONS : Search the Database using as research criteria a product's name or a viral family name

  12-month subscription rate (US $) :        NEW REDUCED RATES !!!

Retroviridae (Human immunodeficiency virus, HIV) $50
Flaviviridae (Hepatitis C virus, HCV; Yellow Fever virus, YFV; Dengue virus; West Nile virus, WNV; etc.) $50
Orthomyxoviridae (Influenza virus; Avian Influenza virus, etc.) $50
Herpesviridae (Herpes simplex type 1 and 2, HSV-1, HSV-2; Cytomegalovirus, CMV; Epstein-Barr virus, EBV; Varicella-Zoster virus, VZV; etc.) $50
Adenoviridae (human Adenovirus) $50
Poxviridae (Variola virus, Smallpox; Vaccinia virus) $50
Papillomaviridae (human Papillomavirus, HPV) $50
Polyomaviridae (JC Polyomavirus) $50
Parvoviridae (human Parvovirus B19) $50
Hepadnaviridae (Hepatitis B virus, HBV) $50
Reoviridae (human Rotavirus) $50
Arenaviridae (Lassa virus; Junin virus; Machupo virus; etc.) $50
Bunyaviridae (Hantaan virus; Rift Valley Fever virus; etc.) $50
Rhabdoviridae (Rabies virus; etc.) $50
Filoviridae (Ebola virus; Marburg virus) $50
Paramyxoviridae (Measles virus; Mumps virus; Respiratory Syncytial virus, RSV; etc.) $50
Picornaviridae (Poliovirus; human Rhinovirus, HRV; Hepatitis A virus, HAV; etc.) $50
Togaviridae (Rubella virus; Eastern Equine Encephalitis virus, EEE; Western Equine Encephalitis virus, WEE; etc.) $50
Coronaviridae (human Coronavirus; SARS Coronavirus; etc.) $50
No viral family assigned (Hepatitis E virus, HEV) $50
No viral family assigned (Hepatitis D virus, HDV) $50



Other Services

Additional Expertise, Know-how and Support


Antiviral InteliStrat also offers the following services:

  • Advertisement on Antiviral InteliStrat web site and database for sponsors seeking partnership (limited to Viral Family Access and Full Access subscribers) 
  • Evaluation of technologies related to vaccine or antiviral drug development in the biotech and pharmaceutical industries 
  • Evaluation of research projects

The cost of these particular services is variable and depends on the nature of the advertisement or the type of evaluation to be conducted. Please contact Antiviral InteliStrat to inquire about these services and their cost.