The Mission

Welcome to Antiviral InteliStrat!
Viral diseases represent a real challenge for modern medicine with the recent emergence of new viral threats worldwide such as Ebola, Avian Influenza, MERS, HIV/AIDS and SARS. Reliable information on products and strategies proposed to face this last frontier of infective diseases remains crucial to support the effective development of new preventive and therapeutic treatments.
Antiviral InteliStrat Inc. intends to become the main leading source of information on antiviral drugs and vaccines research and development, and provide its vast knowledge of the virology domain to individuals involved in science, marketing and decision making in the biotech and pharmaceutical industry, as well as the academic community.

The Products

1. Database
2. Documents
3. Other Expertise, Know-how and Support

1. Database

Antiviral InteliStrat has created the most complete, up-to-date Database currently available on antiviral drugs and vaccines. Focused exclusively on viruses, this Database regroups over 3100 Product files containing detailed information on compounds and vaccines related to prevention or treatment of viral diseases worldwide.

The company is offering this unique source of information on a subscription basis to the biotech and pharmaceutical industry, along with the academia. Customers can access the Database through flexible subscription options designed to fit their specific needs.

Antiviral Database

  • Dedicated only to antiviral drugs and vaccines, with the most complete set of information currently available to scientists, analysts, and drug development / health specialists;
  • Over 3100 Product files on a single web site;
  • More than 650 sponsors, co-sponsors and organizations included;
  • Over 40 potential modes of action covered for drugs;
  • More than 9 different types of vaccines listed;
  • Represents products developed worldwide against all viral families causing human diseases;
  • Includes antiviral drugs and vaccines approved for use on the market or at any stage of development, including several products at preclinical and early research stage;
  • Includes antiviral drugs and vaccines that were dropped from clinical trials or were abandoned at various stages of development;
  • Displays hundreds of chemical structures with formulas and molecular weight;
  • Reports mechanism of action and data on viral resistance in the case of drugs;
  • Shows preclinical data and clinical results in human for several products, along with additional information rarely seen on other sites;
  • Includes patent information for many products

A free sample of Database information and Product files is shown in the Database section

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Full Access subscription: now only $495* (Academic subscription available at $95) per year.

  • We are now offering 2 additional months free when you subscribe for one year as a Full Access member (non applicable to an Academic subscription).

  • A one-year subscription provides access to the database to 3 people (3 "seats") from your organization


Viral Family Access subscription: starts at $200 per year (cost of subscription depends on viral family)

Custom Access subscription: you pay only for individual product files ($50 or $100, depending on product)

*all prices in US dollars

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2. Documents

Based on the information collected in its database, Antiviral InteliStrat prepares analyses, reviews and digests covering various aspects of the rapidly evolving antiviral research and development world.

These documents are prepared on a regular basis and made available to help scientists and decision-makers active at different levels in virology, who have time-constraints and need easy-to-read overviews of the antiviral treatment and prevention R&D and market for different types of viruses. The documents aim to cover the following points:

•    Competitive intelligence
•    Pharma’s current pipeline
•    Specific products and mechanisms of action
•    Research directions and trends
•    Potential collaborations and partnerships (a list of over 330 companies active in antivirals is available)
•    Creative thinking, new ideas and strategies in the lab and at the management level

The documents are listed on the "Documents" page of this website and can be easily dowloaded upon payment through a user-friendly PayPal® online system.

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3. Other Expertise, Know-how and Support


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